Galaxy of Pen & Paper

“The music certainly takes center stage as Behold studios knows how to make some tubular music. Yes, I said tubular. The soundtrack is a Casio lovers wet dream to say the least. There is some really awesome tech music here that you can just sit and enjoy. I never got tired of listening to the main menu theme, which sounds like an 80’s Saturday morning cartoon. It’s freaking great. I hope that the soundtrack is sold along with the main game, as they knocked it out of the park.”

Big Boss Battle – 08/01/17


“There’s also a rocking sci-fi chiptune soundtrack to go along with everything, and it’s an absolute delight to hear. Like the other two games, Galaxy just fits like a glove in terms of visual and audio.”

App Advice – 08/01/17


“Its charm is totally captured in both its visual representation, dialog, and kicking sound tracking.”

Saving Content – 08/02/17


“Overall, I felt like this was a polished game with solid mechanics, fun art, and a great soundtrack.”

Indie Hangover – 07/31/17


“The soundtrack makes you feel right there in the middle of an awesome sci-fi adventure. It also compliments the battles with enemies.”

Indiemancer – 08/11/17


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Star Vikings

“Once you’ve played Star Vikings for the first time, you won’t be able to think about the game without singing the main menu soundtrack – a cheesy kind of hard-rock that embodies the perfect mix of the themes of space and Vikings in the first few seconds of the song. It is a type of rock which would have made KISS themselves jealous of the self-mockery imbued in each verse. And that’s because the band is a perfect analogy to describe how Star Vikings plays: light-hearted, fun, and always aware of the ridiculousness of their looks.”

Game Grin – 12/10/16


“The music is great – reminiscent of Led Zepplin’s “Immigrant Song,” which is more than appropriate in a game called Star Vikings. The Vikings seems to like it too – they are thrashing to it as you select which ones to go on the ship.”

Game Industry – 11/10/16


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Chroma Squad

“…even the sounds effects sound like they are coming from a blast processor. Bleeps and bloops from consoles of past generations makes it feel like you played these games after watching your Saturday morning allotment of Power Rangers episodes.”

Gaming Excellence – 12/05/15


“Maybe I’m just a sucker for a good retro soundtrack, but this places among my favorite video game music of all time.”

Gaming Illuminaughty – 05/16/15


“Chroma Squad had already proven memorable by having such a great theme song.”

BentoByte – 05/08/15


“…the music is what really stole the show.”

“…beautiful music and visuals will keep you smiling the entire time.” – 05/08/15


Os 7 sons favoritos do trilheiro de Chroma Squad (interview, in Portuguese)

RedBull Games – 05/08/15


“Behold Studios put together this karaokeriffic trailer showcasing the game’s pitch-perfect original theme song.”

Polygon – 04/26/15

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